Monday, August 10, 2009

Addi's Tonsil Surgery

Addison is recovering very quickly after having her tonsils out on Tuesday last week. In fact I had to give Tylenol for two days and then Thursday wondered if I should continue or not. Descided to stop unless she needed it. She has been eating everything presented to her, she can breath with greater ease and is sleeping thru most of the night - in her own bed. I have been very pleased with her quick recovery.

So very Thankful she is doing well and counting the many Blessings in my life!

Having her taken from me by the nurses as she is drifting off from the oral medication was probably the hardest thing about the entire surgery. We arrived at 6 am, she was taken in just a little after 7 am and we were home by 9:30 am. Dr. Flaiz was wonderful and the entire group at the hospital involved in her care were absolutely awesome she was not scared at all. When she was waking up from the anastetic was hard for mom as well but she was pretty much awake when she returned to me. She couldn't stand or walk without staggering all over the place but I survived the ordeal.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, last night after playin' all evening and mowing the lawn. Austin was being so helpful before we went inside to take a bath. He drove his sister over to the garbage can to throw away some of Moose's toys that had holes in them. I went thru the house to drop off the dinner dishes and heard a "blood curdlin' scream" outside.... a second later a second 'scream'..... I went running out side to find Austin holdin' onto the garbage can lid crying.... When I got there he said, 'a bee stung me'.... I said "where?" Here -putting a finger to his lip.... I'm thinking -{What a wierd place to get stung.} So what to do 2 screamin' kids crying from the top of their little lungs!!!
I scoop them up and run into house -- find the baking soda make a paste and slap it on his cheek. Yes, I still had two screamin' kids - I think Addi screamed louder and longer than Austin did as she was scared that Austin had an owieee!!

Sympathy crying from Addi!!!

The swollen' lip and cheek!!! "Mom dont' take any pictures!"

The magic medicine-- Not sure where Tony got this from but he had it in some camping stuff. I worked wonders... no stinging after applying it. Serious, Austin's response was "ohhh, that feels good!!"

The evening ended with mom holding Austin and Dad holding Addi. No Bath!!! oh, well maybe tonight.
I feel asleep with Addi so I didn't even get a chance to post a Blog.
Today, his face is back to normal and no signs of reddness, swelling or pain.
Guess the BEES are out and are staking there claim.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok!! Just for the record. I am not the DOMESTIC type but lately I have had the opportunity to do a few things... I LOVE SUMMER!!

So Tony went over and got some "more" Cherries from his mom's orchard yesterday and I tested out my new dehydrator that I got for Christmas last year from my dear mother in law. The Cherries actually turned out pretty good not to dried and they actually were like raisins. Tony and I thought they were great but Austin and Addi thought differently. As Addi stated "their turble mom!!" and spit them out in my hand.

So tonight the Kids helped again tonight and I was able to get a few pictures because I couldn't find my camera last night.

Do you know how much longer it takes to pit cherries when you have two little helpers?

The Cherries went from this ----

To Ch-raisins in 12 hours!!! Boy, they are good.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Last week Addi and I had a couple of mornings together while Austin was at VBS. He was having fun and so were we.... We went and picked strawberries and my little kiddo was a trooper.

"Come on Mom! Get your bucket!"

"Mom can I have one!" Before I could say no - She had it in her mouth.

Does this look like a little strawberry picker ---- she had such a blast she wanted to come back the next day.

I just love this picture of her with the buckets of strawberries.

We made some freezer jam and ate a bunch of them. I hope the jam turns out.... it was my very first attempt.

New Hair Cut

Well, Austin finally did it -- just like everyother kid I've known (nieces and nephews). He took his scissors to his own HAIR!!! I couldn't even tell he did it until Tony realized it -- I thought his hair was just messed up from wearing his Cowboy hat --- I'm so oblivious sometimes.

You can't really see the big 'CHUNK' gone from the front of his hair. He was so cute trying to tell me how he did it... "I just picked up some and I cut my hair."

I sure hope that when Addi attempts this it is not noticable either.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm still here.......

I bet you all are wondering where the pics of Austin's 4th Birthday party are?
Why I haven't blogged in over a week?

Well, my internet line has been down for almost 3 days -- I'm finally back online -Yeah. My dad was in town on Sunday night and we had a short visit with him.... Austin and Addi just love to see their "Bampa!!!" (as Addi would say)
My kids have been so demanding at night when it is bedtime that one or both of us have been laying down with them and we are so exhausted we end up falling alseep and then getting up and going to be about 11:30 every night.
Work has been paperwork, meetings, phone calls, evaluations, visits, and more and more paperwork.... I'm beginning to think paperwork is the 'pits'.
Tony has been on call and is still on-call for the next few more evenings.....

We actually went for two bike rides with Austin on his new bike but where are the pics.

It's LIFE fun, we all have our busy season of the year..... we all have things that keep us so busy that we can't seem to enjoy our friends, or we feel like we are in a whirl wind of STUFF!!
I hope your day and week are going great.... Have a great weekend.
I know we are making plans to enjoy ours!

Pictures to come soon!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy - Busy LIFE!!

What a busy and hectic few weeks we have had in the Garberg house.

Work has been overwhelming difficult paperwork, meetings, paperwork, visits, more paperwork, conferences, and more and more paperwork..... I am so far behind in paperwork -- I'm really not sure where to start. I really don't like being so disorganized....

We are gearing up for Austin's 4th Birthday party tomorrow (pictures to come). He is so excited and has had a difficult time wanting to be 4 already.... "Am I four today?" has been the top question every morning for the past week. So the BIG day is tomorrow.

Addison has had swollen tonsils for a week and a half -- no other signs. Still waiting for some other signs--- fever, white spots or signs of infection etc.... but nothing. I really don't know how she is swallowing her food -- luckily she is choosing soft foods right now. I'll keep monitoring....

Tony has had a hectic week and a half at work as well. Employee issues.... and now he is on call --- pretty much for the next 2 weeks secondary to an unexpected employee issue... He has been at work since about 6:30 this evening and it is now 11 o'clock. He is tired, overwhelmed and stressed.... not a really good combination for my wonderful Husband.... but this will soon pass.

I am making it a point to blog more this month ----- I only have about 5- more weeks left of school and then SUMMER break!!!! Yippeee, Yeahooo!!!