Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008.... Hello 2009

Well, here I am starting my first blog post. My husband and I are sitting on the couch {tony watching TV and me on the computer} "time together".... another year has come to an end and a new one just around the corner. Looking forward to New Year resolutions -- exercising more, eating less, enjoying our kids, vacations, and blogging. My plan is to get up early and go to the First Run of the Year at the high school--- that is if I can drag myself out if it is cold..... brrrrr...
I must admit I am ready for long warm days already enough of the cold dreary weather.

I am beginning to blog as I have seen several of my dear friends able to express there thoughts, feelings and growing pains of life in a wonderful light. God gives us many challenges in our lives and I do truly belief that he only gives us what {he feels} we can handle. To summarize this 2008 in a few words it has been with many changes, challenges and struggles -- being a full time mom of two little tikes (Austin now 3 and Addison almost 2), physical therapist, wife (Tony the light of my life - even though he often gets the brunt of my stress - he is a wonderful supportive husband, friend, and father), friend, sister, granddaughter, daughter, daughter in-law, aunt and many other hats that I wear.... On Addison's 1st Birthday, my grandmother was in the hospital secondary to having a heart attach at 83 years old she still has a strong ticker - she was so disappointed in having missed Addi's 1st Birthday -- my sister Teresa had a year of challenges in her personal life and is now doing wonderful with her 3 children - I continue to pray for peace, joy and happiness in her life. Our First real Family Vacation with both kids to Nothern Washington to visit Family and Friends we had such a wonderful time - bicycling, playing on the beach, whale watching and just plain enjoying ourselves. It was so much fun having the {summer} off of my regular job, but I did keep busy covering vacations for other clinics in the area - -I will of course do this again for a few more summers and breaks. Austins 3 rd birthday in May was fun with a Spiderman theme -- he has so much fun with his friends, eating cake and having a penyata (candy filled mexican thing unsure of spelling... sorry). Tony was hard at work this summer working on first the fence, then the shed (12 x 12), and finally the deck -- we had 3 major projects this summer..... {I am already looking forward to at least 3 for 2009 :) } --- he however is not, well at least not yet. Yes, if you ask any of our friends --- I tend to be the task master and he is the worker bee. In September, my Grandmother had another small heart attach and yes,,, she is doing fine but she has anymore chest pain in her life she is going to drink some milk and go back to bed..... no more hospitalizations for her.... joking of course. She is doing great and is looking forward to 2009 with exercising and eating better. Tony and his family did say {goodbye} to his Dad ( he passed away in 2004 from a major heart attach) in December l in a wonderful outing of spreading his ashes in the Blue Mountains near Dayton Washington. We sure miss him. I so wish he could have been able to share his love with my children before he was taken from this earth.
Fall has been , Winter cold and the Holidays were so much fun for the kids. Of course, they received way more than they really need. We as a Family feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to share our lifes with --- looking forward to sharing more in 2009. Happy New Year to all!!!!

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