Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Day of the Year -- Run, Run, Run

Today was the first day of 2009. Tony and I managed to make it down for the 1st Run of the year at the High School. We actually signed Austin up for the mile run and he ended up running 3 laps he was about the youngest competative runner, however his sister wanted to also compete and ran 2 laps.... she ran 1 completely the whole way the 2nd lap was a bit of a struggle at the end until she spotted Dad and Austin and then ran the last 100 meters. As you can see they were pretty proud of the metals they received. Tony and I completed the 2 mile run/walk and yes.... I hate to admit it but I had to walk two short times secondary to hip discomfort not necessarily out of breath but it was good timing when the pain came on. Tony managed to push Addison in the jogger stroller with Austin on the top straddling the sunvisor thing, he was a trooper and definately was tired pushing them both. I came in first in {my} age group and Tony came in second in the male group. It was a wonderful morning cold, wet and fresh air..... I have at least completed the first day of getting back into running again after an almost 3 year sabatical (oops on spelling if that is wrong). Other than running this morning we had a fairly lazy day-- sitting around playing games, eating, keeping warm by the fire, watching a movie and also Addi and I took a short nap.

As I sit and remenence over the day, I was remembering Addison singing {little monkeys jumpin' on the bed}, as we walked back into the high school after the race. She is growing up so fast hard to believe she will be 2 in a couple of weeks. She is almost potty trained, she continues to have a few little accidents when mom and dad forget to take her every couple of hours and she is too busy to take a break from playing. We are not going back to diapers we will just struggle thru.....

Austin is getting so big as well, we measure him today with his tape measure and he walked around for several minutes repeating I'm 39 inches. He is so full of energy now days... trying to push the limits of all boundaries. I guess boys will be boys. It took over 15 minutes to complete a 3 min time out this morning...persistance from mom paid off.

I am trying to enjoy the last few days of my two week vacation from work. I have cleaned the house, reorganized the kids' rooms, made cookies last week and trying to finish them off this week so I can start my {d-i-e-t}, or should I say my new wellness program.... I am going to work on improving my overall health in many ways in 2009.

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  1. LOVE that you're doing this!! :) May 2009 bring you closer to Him in many, many ways!

    Happy New Year Jodi!