Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm still here.......

I bet you all are wondering where the pics of Austin's 4th Birthday party are?
Why I haven't blogged in over a week?

Well, my internet line has been down for almost 3 days -- I'm finally back online -Yeah. My dad was in town on Sunday night and we had a short visit with him.... Austin and Addi just love to see their "Bampa!!!" (as Addi would say)
My kids have been so demanding at night when it is bedtime that one or both of us have been laying down with them and we are so exhausted we end up falling alseep and then getting up and going to be about 11:30 every night.
Work has been paperwork, meetings, phone calls, evaluations, visits, and more and more paperwork.... I'm beginning to think paperwork is the 'pits'.
Tony has been on call and is still on-call for the next few more evenings.....

We actually went for two bike rides with Austin on his new bike but where are the pics.

It's LIFE fun, we all have our busy season of the year..... we all have things that keep us so busy that we can't seem to enjoy our friends, or we feel like we are in a whirl wind of STUFF!!
I hope your day and week are going great.... Have a great weekend.
I know we are making plans to enjoy ours!

Pictures to come soon!!!


  1. very soon school will be OVER!! YEAH!! No more homework!!

    I bet Austin is a wild man on his new bike :)

  2. That stinks when your internet is down. I bet you're counting down the days for your summer break. Just more paper work then! :) Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!