Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy - Busy LIFE!!

What a busy and hectic few weeks we have had in the Garberg house.

Work has been overwhelming difficult paperwork, meetings, paperwork, visits, more paperwork, conferences, and more and more paperwork..... I am so far behind in paperwork -- I'm really not sure where to start. I really don't like being so disorganized....

We are gearing up for Austin's 4th Birthday party tomorrow (pictures to come). He is so excited and has had a difficult time wanting to be 4 already.... "Am I four today?" has been the top question every morning for the past week. So the BIG day is tomorrow.

Addison has had swollen tonsils for a week and a half -- no other signs. Still waiting for some other signs--- fever, white spots or signs of infection etc.... but nothing. I really don't know how she is swallowing her food -- luckily she is choosing soft foods right now. I'll keep monitoring....

Tony has had a hectic week and a half at work as well. Employee issues.... and now he is on call --- pretty much for the next 2 weeks secondary to an unexpected employee issue... He has been at work since about 6:30 this evening and it is now 11 o'clock. He is tired, overwhelmed and stressed.... not a really good combination for my wonderful Husband.... but this will soon pass.

I am making it a point to blog more this month ----- I only have about 5- more weeks left of school and then SUMMER break!!!! Yippeee, Yeahooo!!!


  1. Crazy, Crazy spring!!

    Happy Birthday Austin!! Hope you have a very special day little man!!

  2. Oh friend ... wishing I would have seen your car at some point this week to leave you an encouraging note like the one you left for me :)

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Austin :) {4} will be great ...

    and hooray for summer almost being here ... a tractor play date is in the making for sure!!

    Love you friend ~

  3. I hope things calm down a little for Tony! That does not sound like fun!!

    Happy Happy Birthday Austin! :)

  4. Praying that the Lord will bring a time of rest and healing for your whole family. I'm happy that you'll be off work in a few weeks.

    God Bless You!