Saturday, June 20, 2009


Last week Addi and I had a couple of mornings together while Austin was at VBS. He was having fun and so were we.... We went and picked strawberries and my little kiddo was a trooper.

"Come on Mom! Get your bucket!"

"Mom can I have one!" Before I could say no - She had it in her mouth.

Does this look like a little strawberry picker ---- she had such a blast she wanted to come back the next day.

I just love this picture of her with the buckets of strawberries.

We made some freezer jam and ate a bunch of them. I hope the jam turns out.... it was my very first attempt.


  1. fun!!

    I hope your jam turns out! YUMMY!!

  2. What adorable pictures! Sounds like you gals had fun! Hope you're enjoying your time off, Jodi!

  3. Oh, I am so proud of you! What fun to go and pick strawberries - we missed ours this year :( I'll bet your freezer jam will be great!