Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, last night after playin' all evening and mowing the lawn. Austin was being so helpful before we went inside to take a bath. He drove his sister over to the garbage can to throw away some of Moose's toys that had holes in them. I went thru the house to drop off the dinner dishes and heard a "blood curdlin' scream" outside.... a second later a second 'scream'..... I went running out side to find Austin holdin' onto the garbage can lid crying.... When I got there he said, 'a bee stung me'.... I said "where?" Here -putting a finger to his lip.... I'm thinking -{What a wierd place to get stung.} So what to do 2 screamin' kids crying from the top of their little lungs!!!
I scoop them up and run into house -- find the baking soda make a paste and slap it on his cheek. Yes, I still had two screamin' kids - I think Addi screamed louder and longer than Austin did as she was scared that Austin had an owieee!!

Sympathy crying from Addi!!!

The swollen' lip and cheek!!! "Mom dont' take any pictures!"

The magic medicine-- Not sure where Tony got this from but he had it in some camping stuff. I worked wonders... no stinging after applying it. Serious, Austin's response was "ohhh, that feels good!!"

The evening ended with mom holding Austin and Dad holding Addi. No Bath!!! oh, well maybe tonight.
I feel asleep with Addi so I didn't even get a chance to post a Blog.
Today, his face is back to normal and no signs of reddness, swelling or pain.
Guess the BEES are out and are staking there claim.


  1. Poor little guy - bad bee, bad bee.

    Hey - I talked to my Mom today and she said they have apricots ripe and falling off the tree. If you like apricots, you are welcome to head over and get some, but you will need to do it soon because they are ready. Only if you want them.

  2. oh man maybe I need to trade my meat tenderizer in for some of that...although the meat tenderizer works good too!:)