Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tired..... blessed

I'm sitting here in my bed listening to DIY Bathroom remodelling on the tube, not really watching it but listening. I have so much to do (paperwork is the pits)..... but my week has been so busy that I just decided I needed to blog instead... it's been awhile since I have blogged.

I had to go to Salem last week on Thursday night for a course that was totally last minute.... I hated to leave for so many days (from Thursday until Sunday) - the longest I have been away from my kids and husband in -- well, actually ever.... I couldn't wait to get home Sunday and was so happy to see my husband had everything in order -- the laundry was done, house was straightened up and he was even entertaining a few guys for the Superbowl. We had a wonderful evening watching the game - neither one of us really cared who won. It was just fun to be with some friends.

My husband has been in Salem since Tuesday, so my kiddos are having a hard time -- first mom was gone for a few days and now dad is gone.... poor kiddos change is tough... but they are adjusting well.

My week has been a whirl wind.... sometimes I feel I am so far behind I can't see in front of me... I have enjoyed the wonderful sun earlier this week and even enjoyed the rain today - at least the wind was not blowing. I was in Pendleton earlier today for a staff meeting at the ESD and when I got home I had to go to another meeting, luckily it was a short one.... then I went to get my kids, grandmother and back to Pendleton to watch my 9 year old niece play in a Basketball Championship Game.... it was so fun to watch and it was a blast to watch my sister get so excited about her daughters game.... the team won by 1 point and won the Championship. I watched her first game a little over a month ago and I would have never put them playing the championship game, however with hard work, team work and lots and lots of practice her team has changed to become a very good little team. Good Job Rylee -- I'm proud of you, sweetie. I can't wait to watch you play as you get older -- even though you'll be a "BUCK" and not a "BULLDOG".

As I sit here tired from a busy week, I feel so blessed to have a wonderful husband... and two of the best kids ever. Our life is so 'busy' with the hustle and bustle of activity that sometimes I forget to take a step back, take a deep breath and just ENJOY!!!


  1. Busy and blessed! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love to you friend ... life is busy & full & blessed!! Next week is going to be full too :) but ... probabaly two nights of getting to {visit} with you :)

    Have a restful weekend with that beautiful family of yours!

  3. Oh - I can just see it now! Tia cheering on Rylee - gives me a chuckle since Tia is not at all competitive :)

    We are VERY tired here, too - poured our final pour yesterday by ourselves. Exhausting, but it is finished :)

    Heidi says that she can still not post comments to your blog. Just FYI.

    Love ya and miss ya, too! We are coming out in May - when are you coming out here???? :) I hope I responded to that email that YES, we would love to have you visit. I would just avoid July if at all possible - it's HOT here!

  4. Hi Jodi,

    I think Rob figured out how I can post a comment. Yahoo!!!