Monday, January 26, 2009

My hardworking Man/boy.....and Addi keeping warm

We took a trip to Ritzville to see my sis on Saturday and came home with WORK!!!!..... Thanks so much SIS and Uncle Jimmy for getting the wood from the mountains-- we really do appreciate the warm evenings by the fireplace. It is was a great trip to have a short visit, eat lunch (on us), and of course exchange firewood.... for chips and dip.....(Hope you guys enjoyed the salsa!)

Tony had to chop up all the wood -- yep, in the snow....

While our little man --- hauled the wood via 4 wheeler and wagon to the back door where I unloaded and stacked it by the back door....(I don't like to go to far to get the wood).

Of course he had some mechanical issues with the snow packing onto the wheels and not being able to pull the wagon.... but the problem solver that he is --- worked out the issue.

So why we are working hard outside in the falling snow... Addi is playing inside by the door, very close to the heater vent with her babies... (keeping warm - is she the smart one or what!!)

She was so content and a dish towel works great for a blanket for Emma and Annie... {they finally have names}

With teamwork we got the job done in no time flat....


  1. Hard workin' is right!! What a great post reflecting the ordinary life that makes yours extraordinary :)

    Blessings friend -

  2. You have one hard working family there :)

  3. Oh man - flashbacks from the Munster house - cutting wood!!! :)

    Oh - and you are soooo funny with your comment on my blog. I'm still trying to deny it :)