Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's been awhile.....

Ok! I am not doing very well with Blogging & yes Shirl you warned me -- Facebook is very addicting... So here is a little update on me.

I am officially on Spring Break.... Yahoo!! Gotta love the school schedule!

Monday - spent most of the day organizing my 'stuff' to get ready for our tax appointment - yes I made it for later this week. Mowed and weeded at our rental home-- I just wanted to give our renter a jump start on the Spring work.

Tuesday - spent a little time with my little guy unloading all the grass clippings etc at the dump. Then took our time to go back to Daycare {gotta keep them on a schedule}. Went back to the rental to trim some shrubs, pull some weeds, etc. and back to the dump to empty the load. Had lunch with Tony at the hospital -- first time in along time we have done that.... we didn't even have to chase kids or anything... It was nice just sit and vist with him all to myself {well except for the other 50+ other people in the cafeteria}. Sat down to watch Days of Our Lives !!! I don't even have a clue what is going on.... what a waste of time. Got a call from DayCare - Austin PUKED!!! Had to pick him up early. Tony picked up Addison later.... spent the next 5 hours cleaning up PUKE!!! What an evening.

Wednesday- Hung out with Austin all day-- he's feeling better. Our only outing was to go get the dog that ran off to the neighbors so a good excuse for me to go get a Fountain Diet Pepsi!! Worked on organizing my Tax Info -- I sure hope Kristie appreciates all this work... I really am so unorganized. Had left over soup for dinner, gave the kids a bath, read a book to them, watched cartoons {whatever they wanted to watch}.

Well that is my Spring Break soooo far.... Tomorrow may be different.


  1. Yes - I wanted to check with the author of the "Mommy" book, too. I would like the part removed about "cleans up others bodily disfunctions". Please.

    Hope the rest of you don't get sick.

  2. Sounds like your Spring Break is a bit hectic. I hope everyone is feeling better and that you get some more time to have fun!