Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's for Dinner??

Yep, with a husband who has the flu and two kids that don't care.... this is what dinner consisted of.
I miss being able to have cereal or ice cream for dinner -- oh, gone are the college days of having what ever I wanted. I only get to do this when Tony is gone or sick...which isn't very often. I am just glad I had Lucky Charms in the cupboard -- that is Austin and Addi's favorite.
I sure hope he feels better tomorrow. He has been in bed since just a little after 6pm this evening.


  1. Oh goodness ... no fun at all ... but I do love cereal for dinner :)
    Praying everyone is well soon in your house!

    Love to you friend ~

  2. Poor guy - hope he is feeling better today and that it is just the 24-hr kind.

    Ah, yes, college days ... brings back memories of the munster house! :)

  3. Sorry to hear that your hubby is sick. When nothing sounds good for dinner, I find that cereal is always a good thing....or pancakes and eggs...yum...Hope you don't get sick.

    Take care!