Thursday, March 26, 2009

What A Day!!!

Wow!!! It was such a gorgeous day today... 60 degrees, sun shining, minimal wind {that's the best} a great day to do yardwork.... yep, yardwork.... we {Tony and I} spent all day over at the rental house and we were seriously up to our knees in "Crabgrass". That stuff is the worst..... poor Tony is going to have sore hands, arms, back and abs... he was using a tiler tool.... it worked great but man that stuff is tough. The place looks great... just a few more little things to do tomorrow. I was able to take a break for a about 45 minutes - to meet Kristie for our taxes.... I was really hoping Tony would have been done when I returned but no such luck... we took another 45 minutes to dump the truck load of trimmings from roses, shrubs, iris, weeds and crabgrass (with a bunch of sand) and of course eat lunch. Then it was back to the house until about 3:30 and I was exhausted with all the bending, pulling, raking, ect... Tony went to dump truck load # 2....

When I picked up the kiddos - we went home to Austin riding his 4 -wheeler and Addi riding the riding lawn mower with me so when Tony returned he could fertilize our lawn, too.

Then high light of my day was going to feed two little 'bummer' lambs at our friend Chris' & her daughter, Kelsey. We were able to feed them a bottle of milk each. Well, ok Addison and I held one bottle and Austin just watched. He was a little nervous, even though he was so excited about going prior to getting there. The only thing he was interested in was seeing the "DADDY" - his name was "Mannly" -- Austin thought he was pretty neat. Addison was so cute looking over the fence at him as I held her on the fence.

Here are a few pictures

Austin and Addi looking at Manly over the fence....

Petting one of the little bummer lambs.... they were so cute.... Addison was willing to pet them but Austin wouldn't touch them at all.

This one with the 'black' face had her eye on Austin the whole time.... Chris said she was a first time 'mommy' and was being very protective of her young lambs. Seriously though I was nervous as you see in the next photo she had Tony and the kids up against the fence and staring them down. Austin didn't even care what was going on.... just wanting to 'look' around for the daddy sheep......

I was nervous for my own 'babies' -- not that Daddy couldn't take care of them. But I was being a little {protective} myself.

Thanks a Bunch Chris for such a special outing --- the kids just loved it.


  1. Sounds like everyone is feeling better. What cute pictures of the lambs and the kids...That last one was funny....

  2. How fun! It's hard to believe it was so nice the other day...the wind was awful today!

    Take care, Jodi and have a great week.