Thursday, April 9, 2009

Having a FUN!!

Ok, am I with worst mom in the world.... letting my almost 4 year old son give his 2 year old sister a ride on his 4 wheeler.... the alternative would have been 2 kids having major melt downs.... {not 1 but 2}, what mom wouldn't want to do anything to avoid this???

It was worth the 15 + minutes of running around the yard and taking a few pictures... to see the SMILE on their little faces and having so much FUN!

and Moose had a blast chasing them around as well.
However, the next day they wanted to do it again and there was a {power struggle} of who was steering the 4 wheeler and over it went.... it took Addison about 30 seconds to take a breath and make a sound, luckily no one was hurt.... it didn't take more than a couple of minutes after flipping the 4 wheeler over and getting both of them back on it to ride it around the yard until Dad got home....
No, I probably shouldn't have let him give her a ride, but they had such FUN!!!!


  1. Oh, those big helmets on those little heads are so adorable. You are a good Mommy!

  2. they'll thank you later in life for letting them do this :)

    Happy Weekend ... almost :)

  3. Looks like fun in a scary sort-of way ;) Glad noone got hurt!