Monday, April 13, 2009

Making Memories!

It started with an Easter Egg hunt Friday morning at Daycare..... to a flashlight egg hunt at the park Friday night..... Austin and Addi had so much fun hunting those eggs the Easter Bunny left behind. Now what's your priority ??--- hug the Easter Bunny or pull up the pants... Addi chose Hug the Bunny first....
{she has no clue this will embarrass her later}

It's hard to stop when your running in Flip Flops.... Austin almost did a header -- but only lost his headlamp!


"I have two mommy!!"

Finally a picture with the EASTER BUNNY !!!

Saturday morning New Hope Easter Egg Hunt.... fun with the jumping houses, petting the animals, face painting, riding a pony... lots and lots of fun.

Easter Morning -- "Mom it tastes like 'Chicken'!!" Now seriously - I don't know where he got that but it really cracked Tony and I up.... it had to taste like a mouth full of sugar if you ask me.
To the afternoon- Having fun with friends.

"OK mom if I smile one time can I go play on the slide!!!"

Mom go away!

We had such a wonderful day with friends and with each other...

Making Memories to last a lifetime.


  1. You had me laughing with the first picture of Addi and your caption!!! Oh, you will be able to really use this picture later on in life as ammo...ha, ha....

    Austin and Addi are so funny. They look like very active, animated kids! Love the family photo. I like your hair, Jodi!

  2. That first picture is hilarious! So glad I finally got on here again. Katie sent me your blog address. Your kids are getting so big!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter weekend! ~Melissa

  3. Looks perfect! Love your family photo :)