Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thinking Back!!

Ok!!! It all started at this rock 6 years ago! TODAY!! No April Fools Joke!!

This is were my husband proposed to me -- a beautiful evening and also very romantic spot..... with life begining all around us leaves beginning to bud/blossum. He tried to make it as romantic as possible but I was not as willing I was soo tired that evening and just wanted to go home. It all turned out great because 5 months later we were married and look at us now.....

Two Wonderful Children {Austin and Addison} and a black lab named "Moose". Life is good. Life is not always easy and marriage has its ups/downs. The challenges we face are sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, and sometimes just plain crazy. I love you Forever and Always Tony {even when your sick and being a whimp -LOL}, thanks for making a wonderful change in my life... I love where we have been and look forward to where we are going... hand in hand and loving each other raising our Children the best we can.

While we were at the Nature Trails.... Austin and Addison were so intrigued with the fisherman... they were having such fun just watching.


  1. Congratulatons! That is sweet!

  2. man - how does she always beat me to commenting? hmmm - now it's going to be a competition :)

    Seriously - congrats! I am not sure that I knew he proposed on April Fool's Day! What a hoot!

  3. Great post!! What GREAT memories you've made and will continue to make!