Thursday, January 22, 2009

Facing Life with Faith......

don't you just wonder how we face life without it.....

Faith to have what ever you are waiting for
Faith to be able to forgive fully
Faith in God's plan
Faith that you are on the 'right' path in life
Faith that you are listening to 'Gods Word' fully
Faith in yourself to make the 'right' decision with Gods guidence
Faith in human love
Faith that God only gives us what he thinks we can endure
Faith that {our} health is in God's hands
Faith that God gives us everything we {need} and not what we {want}
Faith that we have the power and strength we need
Faith that HE is the Truth and the Light

We all need to have Faith in this Journey we call LIFE...... Enjoy each hour, each day, each week and each year --- be positive, patient, laugh, live life to the fullest, give of yourself, let down your gaurd, forgive, be kind, be gentle,
Trust and have Faith that God is on your side, sit quietly and listen.... he will give you the answer.

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