Monday, January 5, 2009


Ever have one of those moments, when you're kids on your last nerve, your tired, your blood pressure feels ski high and you have no patience. I had one of {them} this evening after picking up my kids from daycare.... we went into the hospital to see Tony and of course my kids are excited to see us-- and went running around practically climbing the walls in the hospital like two little wild monkeys. Anyway,,, after scolding them several times we finally left and loaded into the suburban and I just needed some quiet.... so I had the radio off and told the kids to play a quiet game and I looked into the rearview mirror and just had to smile... Addi is bouncing up and down in her carseat bobbing her head back and forth "dancing" and Austin is trying to reach for her hand and is joining her with his own "moves". It really struck me -- I need to have patience with my kids, trying to capture each moment enjoying them and appreciating them no matter what they do. I pray daily that I am a good role model teaching them proper behavior, right from wrong, to love Jesus, to respect others {especially adults} and molding them to become wonderful adults in time. Sometimes I faulter and wonder why I choose the battles I do and sometimes I feel like I'm too strict and other times not strict enough. I love my kids with all my heart and just want to be the Best Mother and parent I can be to them. I want to enjoy these two precious Gifts God has given Tony and I and appreciate them even when they are being little monkeys on a rampage.


  1. some days are better than others that's for sure!:) Thank God that he gives us those little moments to reminds us why we love the little monkeys!!:)

  2. You are a GREAT mommy & role model - keep it up!!
    Couldn't agree more with Kristie's comment :)

    Hope you're having a good week -