Friday, January 2, 2009

Short Distance Huge Benefits

Ok, now you may not get the picture until you read this blog.... I attempted to go for a run this morning with my two little ones.... last summer when I attempted to run/walk at all, Austin was able to ride his bike and I had a difficult time keeping up with him with my {bad} hip...well anyway it went something like this.... Austin was on his bike and Addi in the stroller and my goal was to go down about a mile this morning, however it was cold and windy and I did not take the time to really look at Austin's bike sooo anyway we took off on our little exercise adventure. Austin was just pedalling as fast as his little legs would go and about 2-3 minutes into the run he says to me "mom can you raise my seat up my legs wont go staight. I can go fast when my legs are straight." So imagine the picture -- he's riding this little bike with his knees practically in his chin and he is pedalling as fast as his legs would go... well we made it about a 1/4 of the way I wanted to go and he then says "mom my hands are cold, let's go back home and warm up by the fire." We did turn around and then he says "mom I want to walk." So guess where the bike ended up while he ran beside me. Yep, on the back of the stroller. So we made it about half way home and we stopped in to visit with some great friends Gramma and Grampa Chuck and to warm up a little.... anyway the last little bit of my running when we left their house, now this is where you'll have to use your imagination..... Addi was in the stroller, the bike on the back and Austin was sitting on the foot rest in front with his feet on the wheel nut.... that short little distance coming back from G & G Chucks was only about 3-5 min away but up hill and we no more than get 50 yards from their house and Addi has to go to the bathroom..... yep, I practically sprinted the rest of the way home.... we made it safely home and to the toilet without an accident for Addi.... so I guess it is not how far you go it's the effort you have to put in it.

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  1. LOL....I could completely picture you guys doing this....and I must say, besideds the potty urgency, I have probably done this exact same thing a time or two :)

    I'm so glad your blogging!