Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hand in Hand


I have been reading a daily devotional book and this morning the title of the day was "Keep in Touch with God". It seems as though some days I forget to keep my focus on {Him}. The struggles of marriage, being a mother of 2, working full-time, friends, housekeeping, and dealings with family all overwhelm me at times. I sometimes feel as if I have no time to myself.... peace, quiet, laziness, nothingness, just {me} time is no longer available.... so to have time to keep in touch with God seems to be put on the back burner. I have made a committment this year {2009} to make time for HIM and to make time for ME.... enjoy the life I have and to find happiness and laughs in the struggles and challenges that I may encouter. So this picture represents {OUR} Life this year -- we are devoted to each other and we will work out our differences calmly, growing together in God, and with each other become the best parents we can to our children. Life is a journey and we do need to enjoy the ride "hand in hand" with our Trust in God to lead us down the fulfilling path of {our} Life.
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  1. Wohoo!! So glad the you have started this!! I look forward to having this additional connection with you!!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. So glad you are blogging! Looks like you don't need any help, girl - looks great! Looking forward to watching your family in 2009!

  3. Great picture ... great post!! :)

    didn't make it tonight ... just me & Mack here at home ... someday :)