Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Baby is 2

Boy, time flies doesn't it. It was 2 years ago today when this sweet little girl joined our family. She has just been a precious gift from God from day one. I didn't think I would know what to do with a little "girl" but I am learning. She doesn't like me to comb her hair, but is getting better. Once in awhile I am able to put a pony in her hair and most mornings either Dad or I can get a brush thru it if she is distracted. She is a "Tom Boy" most times and goes thru her little girl moments with playing with dolls, brushing my hair (and dads), putting on her 'makeup', and wearing her 'pretty shoes' the next. She loves to play with her brother and of course her brothers things. She is all about "Dora" right now. She is full of energy and is talking up a storm....yes she even sings "Rock a bye Baby", "Twinkle Twinkle" and can count to 7 {1, 5, 7} ok, well not in order. She is now potty trained and yes, I haven't had to buy diapers in a couple of months now.... we are so happy. She still has a few accidents but they are pretty minor. Today, was a major step in her little life -- She threw out her BINKI-- yep, brother and I encouraged her to throw them (there were 2) into the Garbage. Austin has been prepping her since Sunday. She didn't even cry and she said " I a Big girl" when she was done. Tonight is our first night without it..... pray it goes well. I am not going to address {Sally} she is her little doll, and she goes pretty much everywhere or sits in her carseat when she has to go for a ride. She truly is a joy in my {our} life and I look forward to the years ahead -- even when she goes thru the "BLACK PHASE" of Life.

I love you Addison!!!!


  1. Yeah...Addison my precious little niece, I'm so proud of you!! Now, I don't have to take that binki out myself to get my sweet kisses from you or to see that beautiful smile of yours!!!! I hope you enjoyed your favorite aunts voice singing happy birthday to you on your mom & dads answering machine lol. I love you sweetie pie & I'll see you saturday for your b-day party..xoxo Auntie Tia & ry ry

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Addison!! May your next trip around the sun be BRIGHT and SHINING and full of GREAT things!!

    Great post Jodi!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet girl! And WTG with potty training and getting rid of that pacifier!